About SportKini

"CAN DO" Starts with YOU… and SportKini!

I created SportKini for CAN DO” women like you and me.  Those of us who swim like crazy, stand up paddle board, half-kill ourselves training for triathlons, Jet Ski, surf, wakeboard, water ski, play beach volleyball - and perhaps most demanding of all - chase the little ones all over the beach!  Needless to say, the LAST THING you need is a two-piece swimsuit that you CAN’T TRUST!  Yet, that’s exactly what we’ve been stuck with... well, forever!

You know what I mean.  Swimsuits that don’t fit… don’t flatter… don’t stay put when you move… and become basically see-thru in front of dozens of people!  After 20 years of elite competition in six different water sports, and still no decent swimsuits on the horizon, I knew it was time to make my dream come true.  To create a super flattering two-piece swimsuit that actually inspired active-minded women – not drive them to distraction.  Or worse, drive them out of the sports they loved!  It was time for Sportkini!

With SportKini, you can TRUST that…

  • Your SportKini WON’T move when you do!

  • Your SportKini WON’T become basically see-thru!

  • Your SportKini is engineered from the finest Italian fabrics to endure.

  • Your SportKini will both Fit & Flatter – whatever your age or body type.

  • You’ll know SpotKini is special the instant you brush your hands across the fabric.

  • Your SportKini is backed by my 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!


Finally, YOU CAN TRUST that your SportKini will NEVER hold you back!  Whether you’re competing your ass off… having as much FUN as humanly possible – or both!  CAN DO starts with YOU… and SportKini!

Where is it written?

Who says you can’t wear a two-piece swimsuit after 50?  Or that having a few stretch marks… or being a mom… or a little extra belly fat automatically precludes you from wearing a two-piece and pursuing the activities you LOVE!  NOT us!  At SportKini, we engineer (yup, I said engineer) incredibly beautifully constructed, super flattering swimsuits for women who love staying active… love being themselves… and despise poorly made swimsuits that are constantly letting them down.

Game-Changing Gear!

Your SportKini will quickly become your go-to piece of gear for any water sport or activity.  It will take all of the punishment you can dish out… NEVER let you down… and look absolutely amazing in the process.  One touch and you’ll know that your SportKini is special.  And as far as fit – that intolerable process we all hate – we’ve made it super easy with a series of videos HERE.   

Remember when we used to think that a cool pair athletic shoes actually enabled us run faster or jump higher?  Maybe they could.  Or maybe confidence played a big role?  Well, don’t be surprise when your confidence NOT ONLY soars... but so do your results after you start wearing a SportKini! It’s one piece of gear that's literally a beautiful game-changer!

What women are saying about SportKini?

“Athletic swimsuits are ugly. Would you believe I felt beautiful AND I could be athletic in this suit?! YES!”
— Leean, Athlete & Swimmer
“#savedbysportkini This suit literally saved me! I got my SportKINI at mid-event, I had to! Thank you!”
— Kim, Frogman Series Athlete
“I teach Yoga on SUP boards and my SportKini stays with me no matter which moves I do.”
— Erin O'Malley, Sunset SUP Laguna Beach
“Head in the Game and off the suit!!”
— Sheri Isaac, Past Parallel Apparel
“I keep touching my top cause I can’t believe I don’t have to adjust it!”
— Audrey, Open Water Swimmer
“I don’t think I want to go back to wearing a one piece.”
— Becky, Swimmer
“I am hard to shop for...” *puts on top*... “OMG it fits perfectly!”
— Diana, Multi-Sport Athlete

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