Because NO woman EVER wants to wonder where her suit is, or is not. A SportKINI is a technically engineered swimsuit made to FIT the various body shapes, MOVE with you no matter what you are doing, and FLATTER your shape. We ultimately SET YOU FREE as you will feel freedom no longer fretting or even thinking of your swimsuit, you will be free to do anything and EVERYTHING you want with confidence. 

I. LOVE. THE. WATER. I'm in it all the time. A high-quality bathing suit is a MUST for all my water sports whether its recreational or competing at the World Class level. Funny thing, I truly have become a swimsuit engineer after years of studying garment construction and even better I design suits to flatter your shape. To me it is important that you know I stand for embracing the beautiful body that you have right now. I put my name behind everything I make -Made here in the USA.  Lastly, I did this for us, you know, we who love to be sporty, have ZERO TOLERANCE for ill fitting equipment and want to be FREE from the Status Quo and do life OUR WAY.  Join me and my mission to redefine active/athletic swimwear and inspire healthy adventurous living. YAY!!