Jhedi Mind 1

So today we are starting off with the BEST topic first, the Jhedi Mind. 

Welcome to our blog, we are here to provide you with some content around living an "I can do anything life", nutrition, mindset, things we notate as blog worthy topics to add to your life and what we are up to in world of Sportkini creation, innovation & living ALL out. 

Jhedi Mind 1

Are you living your dream life now? Do you feel like the world is against you, and you just can't get ahead....well...consider the following your first steps in your personal turnaround.

To live the life you want to live, there is one undeniable DAILY step you can take;

TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR MIND....and that means ALL of your thoughts, words said in your head and words that come out of your mouth. 

WHY? Becomes "thoughts become things" (I cannot take credit for this quote, I have heard it from many sources, Ghandi, Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill - in other words the forward most thinkers of our time KNOW this and they themselves PRACTICE it). 

Your life is a DIRECT RESULT of your thoughts, pictures in the mind, the words we use and in turn they become our actions/decisions. They are POWERFUL beyond measure. 

Learn to discipline yourself to hold yourself accountable to monitor your words (this doesn't mean that you won't have feelings - we are meant to feel happy, sad, anger, disappointment, joy).

Your life is your choice...spend it in worry, spend it fret, spend it blaming others, spend it focused on others, spend it listening to crap...life then becomes simply miserable, depressing, full of negative drama and frustration.

This is about making changes within yourself to change your own life, it is not someone elses job, it is yours. 

Keep It Simple, start with making a decision to LOOK at what you really say in your head and speak out loud, and then make an effort to change it.

It takes practice, but that is how you start. Change will happen when you are consistent with this. 

"I see the beauty in every moment, I am capable, I can do this"...great place to start, believe in yourself and that your life is meant to be AWESOME. 



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