How do I move around the site?

This is a mobile friendly site, so when you are cruising through the site whether on a mobile device or a PC look at the top left of each window, there you will see 3 little lines. Once those are clicked your site menu will appear.

Any other feedback on the site, feel free to email:


If I buy a Gift Certificate what does that mean?

You will receive a code on your Gift Certificate -which the Gift Certificate will be mailed to you- and then it can be applied at checkout.


I Won A Gift Certificate At An Event, Is It Still Good and How Do I Redeem It?

There should be a code on your Gift Certificate which is to be applied at check out. If any issues please email


I am not comfortable buying swimwear online, how will I know it will fit?

We created our FIT UNIVERSITY video series to help you shop. We engineer SportKINI's based on body shapes which is a very lengthy, technical process. They are tested relentlessly before each style is approved. The Fit U Video Series will explain the TOPs styles addressing WHO it was made for, and HOW it will fit. The BOTTOM style videos will do the same, although BOTTOMs and their fit is personal preference as well as fit. Watch the videos for any product you plan on purchasing before you purchase to ensure you are FULLY educated on what you are purchasing and it's fit. 


Product availability?

We release product as it comes in and as we know it's date of delivery. We DO NOT mass produce, which means we make small batches. Once the product is in we can only suggest to get it when you see it...cause when it is gone, it's gone. We like to keep things fresh and moving here, so let's stay connected so we can let you know what is in, and what is on the way. 


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