Let's find the right SportKINI for you.


*No more Swimsuit "anxiety" wondering where your swimsuit is or is not  

*Top Styles Built Specifically for your shape

* We bring in the HIGHEST grade fabric possible from Europe

*Unique Small, California Made Production Runs


ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY so that you NEVER have to fret or be hindered by a malfunctioning swimsuit EVER AGAIN!

*YOU DESERVE TO HAVE ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY, so we Engineered it to fit that way


Athletic swimsuits are Ugly. Would you believe I felt beautiful AND I could be athletic in this suit?! YES!
— Leean, Athlete & Swimmer
#savedbysportkini This suit literally saved me! I got my SportKINI at mid-event, I had to! Thank You!
— Kim, Frogman Series Athlete
I teach Yoga on SUP boards and my SportKini stays with me no matter which moves I do.
— Erin O'Malley Sunset SUP Laguna Beach
Head in the Game and off the suit!!
— Sheri Isaac, Past Parallel Apparel
“I keep touching my top cause I can’t believe I don’t have to adjust it”
- Audrey, Open Water Swimmer
“I don’t think I want to go back to wearing a one piece”
- Becky, Swimmer
“I am hard to shop for...” *puts on top*... “OMG it fits perfectly!”
-Diana, Multi-Sport Athlete