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Insist On Yourself.

Never Imitate. 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson



Technically Engineered Swimsuits That Give You PERFORMANCE and PEACE of MIND. 


No woman likes to fuss or wonder "where her suit is or is not". EVER! Women who are training AND competing don't want their mind taken off of their game EVER either. Each suit is literally engineered and relentlessly tested to be durable & function no matter what level of activity you are doing. 

Athletic swimsuits are Ugly. Would you believe I felt beautiful AND I could be athletic in this suit?! YES!
— Leean, Crossfit Athlete & Swimmer
#savedbysportkini This suit literally saved me! I got my SportKINI at mid-event, I had to! Thank You!
— Kim, Crossfit Athlete
I got thrown off my SUP board & pummeled by waves. I NEVER questioned my Sportkini.
— Brandi Cumin Baksic, Stand Up Paddler
Head in the Game and off the suit!!
— Sheri Isaac, Past Parallel Apparel

Let's find the right SportKINI for you.